Hari’s has been part of London’s hair scene since 1976, and we wanted to give you an illustrative snapshot into the story that we are so proud of.

Our philosophy for nurturing and developing raw talent which we began at our first salon in Sydney Street 45 years ago, took us all the way to the present day, with four salons in South Kensington, King’s Road, Parsons Green and of course Notting Hill salon – our most recent addition which we opened in Summer 2017. Now one of the most celebrated names in hair and beauty,

Hari’s is proud of its heritage and stellar team, many of which have been with us for over 25 years. We would like to thank you, as well as the loyal press, for supporting our creative journey to becoming one of the best styling teams in the capital.

About HARI's


Hari opened the most recent salon in Notting Hill in 2016.

Hari opened the Parsons Green salon in 2013.

Brompton Road in 2000, with its new minimalist concrete and leather interior.

Hari opened the Kings Road salon in 2010.

The VIP space at Brompton Road in its second guise, circa 1990.

We kept the art deco interior, complete with curved reception desk and original art deco lighting, up until the nineties.

The colour floor, Brompton Road.

Our first VIP space with fantastical strip lighting along the ceiling and floor, 3rd floor, Brompton Road, 1983.

Hari found old, original chemist cabinets, still filled with apothecary bottles, to decorate our first colour floor at Brompton Road.

Our colour apothecary, Brompton Road.

In 1983 we opened our Brompton Road salon, with one of our all time favourite interiors inspired by a 1950’s ice-cream parlour.

We found these original art deco ziggurat pieces in an old 1920’s hat shop before transforming them into styling stations at the newly opened Brompton Road salon in 1983.

The original drawings of Hari’s Brompton Road

The original art deco shop front at the newly opened Brompton Road salon in 1983.

Sydney Street gets a new red awning.

The Sydney Street mailer, featuring Hari’s dog Shabsy in the window – he wasn’t for sale.

Hari travelled to Nottingham to find this beautiful gothic church furniture at an auction. He loved it so much he bought the entire collection of pews, pulpit and lectern to decorate his first shop in Sydney Street.

Hari and one of his juniors, outside Sydney Street. His first standalone salon.

The basement of our first home in Sydney Street, with original French farm tiles, later walked upon by Bianca Jagger, The Rolling Stones and Margaret Trudeau.

Hari’s first card for Sydney Street, circa 1976.

The illustration of our first salon in Sydney Street, before it became a reality.

The shot taken for The Telegraph newspaper, which featured Hari and his salon.

Sydney Street, circa the 80s.