HARI’s is the leading London-based hair salon that has remained enduringly successful for 45 years. Spawning across five different outposts across London’s Chelsea, Notting Hill and Battersea, HARI’s is recognised as an institution for its relaxing yet atmospheric salon experience and seamlessly contemporary bespoke hair services.

At HARI’s, we are driven by our commitment to redefine excellence in the realm of hair salon services and hairdressing training. Our mission is encapsulated in our unwavering dedication to four core values: Our family roots, continuous learning, inclusive opportunity and community.

Core Values

Our family roots

At HARI’s, our dedication surpasses salon excellence, fostering a warm environment rooted in our family business history. With a team treated as close-knit collaborators and founder Hari serving as a nurturing guide, our services exceed industry standards. The enduring connections within our team and with our clients, spanning generations, reflect the welcoming culture we embody. To enrich this connection, we’ve introduced a membership/loyalty program, acknowledging clients for their crucial role in the HARI’s community. (Link to HARI’s refer a friend news post here)

Continuous Learning

At HARI’s, our thriving success is rooted in the symbiosis of continuous learning and collaborative effort. The belief that a united team generates unparalleled synergy is the cornerstone of our outstanding results. Embracing founder Hari’s legacy, education is not just a passion but a core value. Hari’s selfless commitment is exemplified in passing the baton to daughter Tassie, now the Head of Education, marking a pivotal chapter in our business legacy. With continued substantial investment in our training school, we embrace individuals who embody openness to learning and a willingness to share knowledge with colleagues. Our journey encompasses not only the mastery of hair but understanding of business. In our pursuit, mistakes are catalysts for growth, shaping an unwavering commitment to upskilling and improvement.

Inclusive Opportunity

This is at the core of our philosophy at HARI’s, where our strength is derived from embracing differences. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment that values and empowers each individual to contribute their unique perspectives and talents while being their authentic selves. We ensure everyone has the opportunity to grow and succeed within our multicultural company, originally founded by Hari Salem, who hails from Iran. Our diverse team is reflective of our global reach and resonates with our equally diverse client base. The design and atmosphere of our salons are meticulously curated to make everyone feel comfortable, promoting an environment free from pretension.


At HARI’s, our commitment to empowerment extends beyond our salon doors. We strive to provide meaningful opportunities for individuals, particularly juniors from challenging backgrounds, offering them a pathway to fulfilling jobs. Additionally, as a company, we actively cultivate opportunities for our team members, whether it’s participating in prestigious events like BAFTA or engaging in impactful creative shoots. Our dedication goes beyond our immediate sphere, as we actively contribute to the broader hairdressing community. We support initiatives promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering the overall growth and well-being of the profession. By building connections and sharing resources, we aim to strengthen the collective power of the hairdressing industry, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive future for all.

At HARI’s, our core values shape our culture, directing our actions to surpass the expectations of both clients and team members alike. This commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our work, people, relationships, and life, making a positive difference to the lives of everyone we touch.

About HARI's

Founder, Hari Salem