Colour Perfection Bar

It’s Here!

Hari’s team of colour consultants brings you the Colour Perfection Bar. Led by senior creative colourist Francesca Dixon, the 10-strong team of colour correctors will be on hand to solely reverse the damage done by bad box sets, styling or ‘balayage blocking’.

“We’ve seen a super surge in colour correction requests, so we created the ‘colour crisis school’ to train a team of stylists how to solve any kind of rinse, tint, balayage or bleach botch. We figured that your hair needed our help to get it back to healthy colour again!”

– Francesca Dixon –

The Menu

Back to Blonde Bombshell: Say goodbye to brassiness, yellow tones, zebra stripes or ashen ends with deep cleaning, techy toning and lowlights.

Balayage Buster: The ‘reverse balayage’ to bring back the light and life into your summer hair.

DIY Rebuilder: Leave it to the professionals to exercise a little colour control over DIY damaged hair.

Overprocessed: The hair rehab, working with prescriptive masks and treatments to repair your coloured hair, in one session.

Protective Extensions: Gentle extension therapy and colour counsel for hair going through break ups.

Price on Consultation