Colour Correction Bar

Hari’s team of colour consultants brings you the Colour Correction Bar. The 10-strong team of colour correctors will be on hand to solely reverse the damage done by bad box sets, styling or ‘balayage blocking’

Back to Blonde Bombshell: Say goodbye to brassiness, yellow tones, zebra stripes or ashen ends with deep cleaning, toning and lowlights
Price on Consultation
Balayage Buster: The ‘reverse balayage’ to bring back the light and life into your summer hair
Price on Consultation
DIY Rebuilder: Leave it to the professionals to exercise a little colour control over DIY damaged hair
Price on Consultation
Overprocessed: The hair rehab, working with prescriptive masks and treatments to repair your coloured hair, in one session
Price on Consultation
Protective Extensions: Gentle extension therapy and colour counsel for hair going through break ups
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Creative Colour

At Hari’s we have made finding your perfect hair colour an exact science. We don’t like to do guess work, so we’ve trained all of our colourists to work with your eye colour, skin tone, face shape and even your style, to find your perfect tonal match. And it’s a colour system that works; you see, for great colour it has to be personal. We also send you home with your own colour gloss so that you and your ‘perfect colour match’ last longer.

Half head Highlights, Balayage and Ombre
from £96-
Full head Highlights, Balayage and Ombre
from £136-
T-Section Highlights
from £76-
from £56-
Veg colour
from £56-
from £95-
Bespoke pop colour
Price on Consultation

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Men Specialist Colour

Subtlety is key for men’s colour, so we developed our own, nice and simple, technique. We now use in-house blends of toner with flat colours for incredibly natural colour.

mens colour
from £56-

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