Coronavirus FAQ

In line with current government guidelines, all branches are closed, with an expected opening date of Monday 12th April (subject to Government change).

Please see below for our reopening FAQs, and general coronavirus questions. We are constantly updating these in line with new guidance, so please do check back regularly for any further changes.

As always, our clients and our staff are our highest priority and we are committed to keeping everyone safe and well during these unprecedented times. At HARI’s we are going the extra mile to ensure this and we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we possibly can.

When are HARI’s re-opening?

We will be opening as soon as the Government allows us to do so. Currently the Government has advised the earliest date we can open will be Monday 12th April.

Can I make a booking now for when HARI’s are open?

Yes, you can make a booking now for when we expect to be open. The best way to do this is to join the Priority Waiting List. Our Front of House team will be in the salon from 22nd March to work through the list, calling all clients and getting them booked in.

When will HARI’s telephone lines open as normal for bookings?

We will be opening the telephone lines for normal (non-waiting list) bookings from 29th March.

Do I need to pay a deposit to hold the booking & what are the terms and conditions of this deposit?

Yes, all clients are required to pay a 50% deposit at the time of making the booking. You will get a full refund if you need to cancel or amend your booking at least 48 hours before the appointment.

If HARI’s need to move your appointment because the Government alter our opening date, and you can’t make the new date, we will issue you a full refund or give you the option to move your appointment.

Why do I need to pay a 50% deposit, I have been a client of HARI’s for a very long time?

The sole purpose of the deposit is to avoid no-shows & last minute client cancellations. We are having to operate the salons at 50% capacity which means our staff have less time in the salon each week to service their clients. Therefore we can’t afford to have any no-shows or last minute cancellations in these circumstances.

Please note that this is not a policy we expect to continue going forward.

I have booked an appointment and paid my deposit, what will happen to my booking if the Government move the salon opening date?

When you make a booking you will have a confirmed time and day with your preferred staff member e.g. Saturday 4th July at 10am. If the Government then announce that salons are not allowed to open for another week, you will keep the same day and time but move to the following week e.g. Saturday 11th July at 10am.

If there are any changes we will contact you by phone and you will have the option to cancel the appointment if you can’t make the new date, and get a full refund or transfer it to a new appointment.

I am nervous about visiting the salon, what are HARI’s doing to ensure it is safe for me?

There are various steps which we will be making to ensure it is safe:

  • We are working at 50% capacity (every other work station) which will allow staff and clients to maintain a 1m+ distance between each other.
  • All staff will be wearing a mask. The shampooist & stylist will be wearing a face shield or goggles as well.
  • All clients will be issued a disposable mask which they will be required to wear in the salon during the length of their visit
  • Each appointment will be extended to allow for the team to sterilise their equipment in-between clients and also disinfect the seat and work station in preparation for their next client
  • Each staff member is only allowed one client in the salon at a time to minimise the number of people in the building. 
  • All communal surfaces will be sterilised throughout the day at regular intervals including all door handles, toilet flushes, taps, reception surfaces, etc.
  • All gowns and towels will either be disposable or laundered after each use.
What other differences can I expect in the salon, from what I am used to?

We are disappointed to say there will be no magazines, cloakroom, waiting area or refreshments (except water provided in a glass bottle).

At HARI’s we take pride in offering an exceptional service to our clients which normally includes all of the above. We can’t wait to be able to resume our normal high level of services which our clients have become accustomed to, as soon as it is safe to do so. 

Is there anything HARI’s will require their customers to consider before arrival for an appointment?
  • • Where possible clients should come alone to appointments as there will be limited use of the waiting area.
  • Arrive with as little baggage as possible i.e. no shopping bags, scooters/bicycles. We are unable to look after any items that you would have normally left in the reception
  • If you have your own face mask and gloves you would prefer to wear then please bring them.
  • Please be on time for your appointments as we are not able to be as flexible as we normally are.
You are working at 50% capacity. How will I get an appointment given the high demand?

In order to partly mitigate this issue we are increasing the salon opening hours from 8am-8pm Monday - Saturday, and all salons are open on Sundays (opening hours vary but use 10am-6pm as a guide).

I hear salons are increasing their prices, are HARI’s?

As with many businesses, Coronavirus has increased the costs of operating. Compounded with decreasing our capacity by 50% to maintain social distancing, the pre coronavirus model of operating a salon is no longer viable. As a result many hair salons are expecting to increase their prices between 5-10%.

At HARI’s we do not want to do increase our prices as such, but instead charge a Coronavirus fee of £3 onto each final bill to help share the cost of this and to ensure we are here to service your needs for many years to come.

Are HARI’s doing home visits?

Until the salon opens on 3rd December we will not be arranging home visits from our staff. Once the salons open a home visit can be arranged by the Front of House team, however there will be a premium charged for this service as has always been the case.