Curls are big business this year!

A woman wanting to iron out her beautiful curves has always been beauty’s greatest irony, but this season it’s over; girls with curls are in.  And don’t the beauty companies just know it, with a barrage of backwash treatments to nourish and nurture hair’s natural movement.

At Hari’s we think we’ve picked the best too.  For any weather-beaten curls that need strengthening there are our Hair Spa Rituals, by Kerastase and Rahua, which both prescriptive put back the moisture that winter, and all of its accompanying party season styling, took out.  (Either can be booked in as a one-off, or add on treatment with any blowdry or cut).

As for the styling, any twist or turn goes – even a fringe with waves works now (provided you match it with plenty of texture round the back).  Take girls Mica Arganaraz and Alanna Arrington as your modern day muses, and Julia Roberts, Cher and Molly Ringwald as your iconic throwbacks.

For the rest of us, we’ll just have to fake it until we make it, which is thankfully made easier by our Tonging Treatments at Hari’s (from £50).