Cutting + styling


We’re lucky enough to have one of biggest, and best, styling teams in the capital at Hari’s. Whether you are after the timeless classic or fashion-forward update, a healthy trim or holiday reshape, speak to a member of our team and we will match you and your hair to the perfect Hari’s stylist.

Ladies Cut and blowdry
from £61-
Gents Cut
from £31-
Childrens Cut
from £30-

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Blowdry Bar

Hari’s has been perfecting the fast and fabulous blowdry for 45 years. We decided to put all of that expertise into one of the best blowout menus in town, so that you can have great hair days whatever your style agenda.

from £30-

Available at...

Feather + Braid Bar

Braids and feathers, as chosen by you to match your mood, as perfected by Hari’s creative team for a modern twist on cool, beautiful hair.

from £25-
from £30-

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Tonging + Hair Up

Give us your hair, and we’ll give you back your dream do. From sexy curves and power ponies, to ballerina up-dos and Titian waves, this is the booking for the big events and parties.

from £60-
Hair Up
from £60-

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