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Keratin Bonded

Keratin bonded extensions are the most customizable extensions you can choose, with up to four shades being blended to create the perfect match to your own hair and are hand applied for the ultimate in bespoke, gorgeous hair. Whether you need thickness, or want to extend your natural length to create a complete new look, our Extensions Specialists at HARI’s are able to transform your style. Trained in this specialist method, our team can carefully apply the keratin bonds by fusing them onto your own hair. These can stay in hair for up to 3-4 months and will require salon maintenance to ensure they look their best at all times.

Tape extensions

Tape extensions are the easiest and quickest way to add length, volume and fullness without the longer commitment of bonded extensions. The colour matched and bespoke hair is taped to your own hair by sandwiching two wefts together and then clamped to keep them in place. These can potentially be reused, thus making them a great investment for fuller, longer hair.


i -Tip extensions are attached to your hair using a small copper tube which is closed over the hair to secure your extensions in place. iTip extensions are perfect for those who like the idea of individual extensions with the benefit of being able to reuse the hair. Like all extensions, i - Tips need to be maintained to ensure you get the maximum benefit from them.

Mirco Parting