For good and grey hair days

Anyone who has embraced their grey hair (we salute you!) will appreciate that while you may be spending fewer hours in the salon chair getting your roots done, you will however be spending more time caring for your lengths at home.

Much lower in pigment, grey hair tends to be frizz-prone and dry.  So, using quenching shampoos and conditioners is a must if you are to regain any kind of shine and movement (and should always by the way be chosen over heavy oils and waxes to hydrate, which can weigh grey hair down).   NB: Our tip is also to wash your hair more often now, as pollution and dirt can also quickly take the light out of pale silver hair.

To boost your at-home grooming, we also have our Fusio Dose spa rituals.  Tailor-made on the spot to treat your hair concerns, there are five concentrated Kerastase care formulas, which can be boosted with four concentrated hair treatments for dozens of options.  One of our experts will prescribe your hair either a thickening, hydrating, reconstructive, nutritious or smoothing concentrate, before adding in one of the boosters for a prescriptive, long-lasting treatment.

These super washes can be added onto your booking, to infuse hair with a professional dose of transformative health, hydration and shine.  We’ll even throw in a head massage.