Hair ribbons aren’t just for Christmas!

Ribbon isnt just for Christmas – its for the whole hair season, as seen on the catwalk at Tory Burch, Philosphy and Rochas for AW17.  Yes, this Winter we can wrap our ponytails and plaits in as much ribbon as we do our presents, binding buns, tying knots and fastening ponies in rich jewel-tone satin strips and pastel velvet swathes (and possibly leaving a little for our gift wrapping, should we feel inclined, eh hem).

Our pick of the ribbon Meccas is VV Rouleux, in Marylebone, whose smorgasboard of rainbow ribbon will inspire the most simplest of style icons amongst you – even if you do decide on a length of lacquered black band.  Most of all, remember not to get tied up in knots; the whole idea here is to keep your hair simple, by way of swishy relaxed lengths, long loose ponytails and gently pinned up dos, and let the decoration do the talking.