Hair Trichology at HARI’s

Unlock the secrets to healthy scalp and hair with globally-renowned trichologist Mark Blake. Mark led a masterclass for the HARI’s team to help them give you the best care and support for all things scalp and hair care during your salon visit.

He also shared with us his top tips which you can read below:

Wash your hair frequently – This may be an unpopular opinion as there is a lot of advice on the internet currently which tells people that washing your hair less often is better. But Mark has seen more issues with people’s scalp health from not washing their hair frequently than with people who do. He advised us not to be afraid of regular hair washing and to think of it more as ‘washing your scalp’ rather than your hair. 

Don’t get conditioner on your roots – Most people find that their scalps are a little bit sensitive to conditioner and it can cause a build up on your scalp.

Towel dry your hair before conditioner – Otherwise the conditioner lies on the outside of your hair when you want it to absorb into the hair follicles to make it as pliable as possible and keep that strength.

Head over to our Instagram page to watch the full video of Mark’s visit to HARI’s.