Hari’s Fulham Road Opens

We have been waiting for this big day for a while – and so has the hair industry. Because on April 3rd our new flagship salon opened, Hari’s Fulham Road, after six months of renovation, innovation, sleepless nights and hard work.

But we’ve done it, creating what we’re describing as a botanical Herb House for Hair.  And all the while stamping the concept with Hari’s famed luxury style.

We can’t wait for you to see the space, with living plant walls and a Herb Hair Bar, juxtaposed against the technology at your finger tips, by way of iPads at each station, to check your emails, book your next appointment, or read your favourite magazine, digital style.  It’s just part of us taking the brand firmly into future.

We worked hard on the eclectic menu too, because while good new hair treatments are all great, not all great hair treatments are new.  So we researched some of the best plant-based ingredients in the world, deciding to employ those that stood the test of time. At Hari’s Fulham Road we have added unrivalled Iranian glossing masks, organic food and flower pigment for glorious colour, and naturally-sourced conditioning treatments.  We now proudly offer the best of the old and new.

Of course your favourite Brompton Road team has taken residence, plus there will be regular guest appearances from some of your most popular London stylists.  And yes, the kitchen is still open so your favourite juices are still on tap, naturally.

Seeing is to believe it, booking is to love it.  We can’t wait to welcome you in.