HARI’s Inspiring Inclusivity This International Women’s Day

As we spring into the vibrant months ahead, we are filled with new season excitement and a sense of celebration!

At HARI's, we believe in the power of celebrating women—not just on specific days but every single day. In line with this year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘Inspiring Inclusion’, one of HARI’s core values and philosophies is inclusive opportunity. Our salon is a space where everyone is embraced, respected, and empowered. We ensure everyone has the opportunity to grow and succeed within our multicultural company, originally founded by Hari Salem, who hails from Iran. To highlight the inspirational female leaders at HARI’s we invited our operations. and Recruitment Manager Ash Oredein to share her story with us and how HARI’s provide inclusive opportunity across their salons and hairdressing recruitment programme.

How long have you been working at HARI’s?

I started at HARI’s seven years ago as an assistant while juggling university. I was studying Sales and Marketing at the time and thought I enjoyed the course until I spent more time at HARI’s. I became head assistant after two years of joining, then joined the front of house team a year later. I was then confused about what I wanted to do, as I felt my career became stagnant. Our CEO Lucan then presented me with an amazing opportunity to join the senior management team as head of operations, he technically created this role for me as he saw my potential.

I started the operations role with minimal experience but the support around me was incredible, and made me feel welcome and safe. I suffer from imposter syndrome, so being in a team that constantly gave me feedback and praise allowed me to have confidence in myself and appreciate my own hard work.

You’re across HARI’s recruitment programme. Can you share how HARI’s provide inclusive opportunities for all aspiring hairdressers?

HARI’s have been around for almost 50 years and have been so successful in recruiting aspiring hairdressers for two reasons. Firstly, because it’s a family-run business, so as soon as you join you feel like you’re a part of a massive family and secondly, the training academy! The training academy has so much to offer. We provide so many training opportunities whether it’s internal, bespoke, or sessional which allows anyone across the company to take part. Whether you’re an assistant who is training with minimal experience and wants to assist on a shoot or a qualified colourist who wants to upskill on their colour technique. At HARI’s we encourage all to take part, as we believe you can never have enough knowledge.

What two things do you look for in a new employee of HARI’s?

Definitely passion. In the creative industry, you have to have passion! I believe you have to have passion in anything you do, as passion breeds happiness. The second would be uniqueness; everyone is different in their own way and at HARI’s the staff are very diverse, so it’s always nice to interview someone knowing they can bring something different to the business.

If you’re interested in a career at HARI’s, you can view vacancies and submit an application on our website or email Ash on ash@harissalon.com.

HARI’s Training School Success Stories

At HARI’s, our thriving success is rooted in the symbiosis of continuous learning and collaborative effort. We provide all staff with equal opportunities to reach their full potential through continued substantial investment in our training academy. These are just some of the inspiring stories of four HARI’s hairdressers who have successfully completed their training.

Amalia’s story as told by HARI’s Training Team…

Romanian born Amalia joined HARI’s 8 years ago. She wasn’t fluent in the English language upon joining the team, yet she applied both determination and hard work to her training and language development from the offset. Her evident natural drive and passion continued to support her progression through HARI’s training academy.

Amalia is now a stylist, working at our newest salon in Northcote Road. She has been qualified for 1.5 years and her hunger for knowledge continues. She is currently training to advance another level in styling skills and is learning the art of fitting extensions, both of which she will be able to offer to her already established clients. Well done Amalia!


Tati’s story as told by HARI’s Training Team…

Tati is a prime example that if you possess natural flair and focus, you can progress rapidly through HARI’s training academy. Tati’s ability to watch, learn and create along with her open approach to learning enabled her to qualify within only a year of training. Tati is a shining example of ‘If you really want it – you can achieve it!’ She has worked alongside all of our HARI’s trained colourists to hone and perfect her craft and continues to display hard work and a relentless drive.


Lauren’s story as told by HARI’s Training Team…

Lauren’s love and passion for colour is one of the first things we noticed about her. She had a very keen eye even from the start and a truly unique approach to how she looked and learned about colour.

Previous mentorship by HARI’s company’s leading colourist, Rebecca, who has been part of the team for over 35 years, provided Lauren a perfect foundation to begin her colour training journey. Her refined skills, confidence and attention to detail has been a great bonus on her path to learning. Now a qualified colourist at our Parsons Green salon, Lauren is now building up a loyal and steady clientele as well as collaborating regularly as part of HARI’s Voices team.


Kirstie’s story as told by HARI’s Training Team…

Kirstie has had a variable career at HARI’s. Having trained with us initially, Kirstie left to work at a blow dry bar. She worked with them for over a year, became great at finishing hair, but still never got the opportunity to learn to cut and further her skillset.

She then rejoined HARI’s, got her cutting skills spot on and now works at our busy Kings Road salon. Her skill in styling, hair up and braiding has made her a success at the salon, that paired with her relaxed personality ensures her clients continue to return.


Together, let’s inspire inclusion, celebrate diversity, and honour the remarkable women who enrich our lives every day. To read more about HARI’s values and how they’re dedicated to providing inclusive opportunities for all, click here.

Thank you for choosing HARI’s Salon. We look forward to celebrating with you!