If you ever say no to a Hari’s head massage (if so, why so?), a little reminder that your party season soul may do well with a touch of pressure point therapy.

The truth is that we added head massages to our back washing ritual, not just because they boost circulation to the scalp thereby promoting healthy hair growth, but also because acupressure can ease headaches, hangovers and cramps.  (And then there are the hair treatments that work their magic as we do our healing work).

In fact, a good massage can relieve a pounding head, a stiff neck and stress (by pressing on the centre of the back of the head under the base of the skull), tired eyes, dizziness and irritability (by kneading down the hollow of the neck muscle) and exhaustion, heavy heads and sore throats (by easing out tightness towards the shoulders).

We simply wanted to turn that sorrowful silly season aftermath, into a good hair day, no hangover included. Your welcome.