New treatment: The Gently Magic Wash

Not a ‘conditioning treatment’ as such, but an all-natural shampoo cure for dry, frizz-prone hair.  Coined the Katira Hair Treatment in the Middle East, where women have relied on the ritual for over 5000 years to soften coarse hair, the custom cleanse uses natural saps and gums from its namesake plant.

Once sundried, the Katira’s twisted flakes can then be mixed with water to form a paste, which is proven to gently rebuild damaged hair and fix broken cuticles.  A hidden L-Amino Acid Complex also adds nourishing proteins and oil-free moisture, for a noticeable shine and beautiful bounce after just one treatment.  All the while, it’s clean enough to use on the most sensitive heads of hair, and pregnant women.

The power of shampoo to transform hair is untold, so we thought we had to tell you.

Available at Hari’s Fulham Road (£50)