Online Model booking FAQ’s

How do I know where to go for my colour appointment?

Colour appointments are held at Notting Hill on a Monday and Parsons Green on a Wednesday, unless stated otherwise on booking. You will receive a text message 24hrs before your appointment CONFIRMING THE LOCATION TO ATTEND.

How do I know what service to book?

If you are unsure what service to book, book an online CONSULTATION. These are on held on Monday’s at Notting Hill and Wednesday's at Parsons Green.

I know what service I want but it’s not listed on your website?

Please submit an enquiry form and feel free to add pictures.

I was not happy with the service I received?

We do not offer redo appointments in the training school, however we are keen to hear your feedback to improve future services. Please email us and attach any relevant pictures to

I can never seem to get an appointment?

Appointments get released 3 weeks in advance on a Monday. They do go VERY VERY quickly. It is worth checking back during the week as we often get cancellations and bookings are reoopend.