Spring/Summer 22 Hair Trends – The Hair Colour Edition

Hair colour is more powerful than ever! Since salons have reopened post-pandemic, the desire for instant change is huge. An expressive, opposing colour change is being requested. Pre-appointment brunette, leaving blonde or blonde to copper, adds a dramatic, head-turning talking point in a matter of hours.

The trends

Dramatic Colour Change

Debuting this recently was Kendall Jenner at the Prada 2022 show. They are going from a very dark brunette colour to a glossy all over copper hue. Dua Lipa’s hair went from almost black to a red carpet ready bright blonde at the 2022 Grammys.

These eye-catching transformations take some time as going from dark to light requires going through the undercoats of reds and oranges. Always using Olaplex for maintaining hair strength and protection, booking an appointment for a colour change is important, so your hair colourist has long enough for the transformation.

Face Framing Colour

A face framing colour process gives hair a flattering contrast of the best light and dark colours around the face to enhance, soften and brighten. By placing bespoke angled lights around the hairline you can create texture to the hair that brightens and compliments skin tones. Face framing is great on any hair colour. Brunettes can have soft change added to make the darkness feel less harsh around the hairline where the hair and skin sit together.

Blondes can add more depth and make a break in the hair’s contrast by adding copper lights for different dimensions of face framing, to really make the lightest blonde hair pop. Sienna Miller often wears this method of hair colour as seen at the 2022 Baftas. An appointment booking should book a T- section which gives enough time to create this complimenting look.

Shadow Drag / Shadow Rooting

Deliberately putting a darker root either on top of Highlights or Balayage gives hair a lived-in effect and softens any blonde, creating a subtle chic look. Shadow root colouring can also help blend some stray grey hairs. Making blonde hair more chic and expensive, Shadow Rooting allows greater longevity while growing out as it softens any regrowth, creating a more natural finished look, it also allows you to have depth throughout.

Recently Hailey Bieber went to the dark side of blonde with this effect as has Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Anniston does consistently. You can add a Shadow Root service on top of your highlight or balayage booking as a stand-alone appointment. A patch test is recommended as the colour is applied to the root. This process should only take an extra 30 minutes.

Silver / Grey / White Hair

The embracing of silver, grey and white hair since the pandemic has massively increased. Hair had to spend a long time not coloured for those that saved themselves for the professionals. Some of those who became accustomed to their natural whiter, silver hair have gone on to increase and enhance it, by adding more silvers, greys and light hair colour.

Visiting the salon to add contrast and definition, or to break up the salt and pepper tones by adding highlights for brightening or lowlights to deepen, can add a flattering result creating a bold embracement of natural silver hair.

Current advocates of silver hair include actresses Dame Helen Mirren, Andie McDowell and Dianne Keaton. Using a silver shampoo on silver hair makes the strands reflect light, adding shine and keeping any yellow tones at bay. Grey hair has a slightly more coarse texture so it is important to keep the hair hydrated and moisturised. A gloss can be added in-salon to give the hair its highest shine. Silver shampoo can be applied at the back wash and doesn’t require extra time when making an appointment, however an extra 15 minutes is needed for a gloss when booking if adding to highlights.

Mens Hair Colour

Men’s hair colour has become popular and more creative, we are having a lot of male clients showing photo references. With creative colours fading back to the bleach blonde underneath, there is more freedom to be creative and expressive. Pink can fade quickly but is a great colour on nearly all skin tones, though any creative colour on men is currently fashionable. Cruz Beckham is one of the references with a buzz cut and universal pink colour on the front cover of i_D magazine recently. MGK has been wearing a bleach blonde ice colour, sometimes having a pink or purple colour all over.

To book this appointment would be a bleach process first, as you have to pre-lighten hair to a pale yellow, this is then followed by a creative tone application.

Other Hair Colour Trends

  • Horizontal Hi-lites
  • Red Hair
  • Aspects of Gold, Warm Ginger, Auburn, Orange, Unapologetic Red, Blending Butterscotch, Worn by Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner. Creamy warm blonde lengths (Actress Sydney Sweeney, Bridgette Bardot, Jane Birkin below))