The Choppy Chob

Introducing Hari’s Choppy Chob, a free-flowing, chic cut with longer lengths on top for ultimate movement and femineity with areas of undercutting.

It says less about shape and more about a cool, easy, wearable look that works on any hair type tailored to embrace individuality.

Say goodbye to the 2017 revamped Pixie trend seen by the likes of Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus thanks to Hari’s Choppy Chob.

“Hari’s Autumn Winter 17 cut says less about shape but more about a cool, easy style that works on any hair type & texture, embracing the current millennial movement. This cut has been designed to look different on every head of hair keeping it unique and personally tailored to every client!”

– Craig Taylor, Hari’s Creative Director –


The Cut

Hari’s Choppy Chob: This easy wearing cut highlights texture with longer lengths on top for movement and femininity, combined with an edgy undercut for some chic sharpness.

Tailored to your hair type, colour and texture, the Choppy Chob will embrace your true style.

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