The Summer Treatment : OWAY X Hari’s Exclusive After Sun Programme

Treat your hair like your skin this summer and defend it from potential damage. What many people don’t know about sun protection, though, is that sunscreen application shouldn’t just stop at the hairline, nor should your after sun treatments.

This summer, Hari’s has teamed up with the world's first biodynamic haircare brand, OWAY, pioneering soil to scalp and a zero-mile production approach to launch an exclusive After Sun Treatment - the perfect solution to return sun-damaged hair to its pre-exposure healthy, shiny self.

With a 3-step programme to reform your hair, the exclusive OWAY treatment is a must have this summer at Hari’s.

Starting with the SUNWAY After Sun hair bath, an anti-oxidant and regeneration hair bath that gently and effectively removes all salt, sand and chlorine residues from hair whilst moisturising the hair fibre, thanks to a targeted mix of oils.

Following this, the SUNWAY after sun reparative and nourishing hair mask will be applied to nourish the hair deep down and restore the lipid balance of the hair fibre, repairing and sealing the cuticles, giving the hair back ultimate shine.

The treatment ritual will be finished with the application of the SUNWAY sunlight serum, a hydrating and nourishing hair and body dry oil with zero-mile biodynamic marigold, organic baobab and pomegranate, ethical passion fruit and brown algae that protect hair from photo- ageing and damage caused by sun exposure, salt water, sand and chlorine – a special composition of lipids hydrates in-depth, provides elasticity and nourishes the hair and skin.

The treatment will be completed with a blow-dry of your choice. The full SUNWAY collection is also available to purchase across Hari’s Salons, to continue the programme at home.

Available exclusively at HARI’s, prices from £55.