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Conditioning Treatments


Weak, tired, over-styled hair? We have just the strengthening solution with Olaplex and Smart Bond, the next generation of hair building treatments. A savior for colour addicts, especially those who want to go a shade lighter, this puts back the strong strand bonds that dyeing takes out, to return your hair to its former glossy glory. There is even an at-home course to keep up the good conditioning work.

Hair Spa Rituals

Why invest in your skin and not your hair? That’s what we thought, so we introduced our prescriptive spa rituals with Kerastase to infuse moisture, shine, strength and health into your hair. Book in as add-ons or weekly wellbeing treatments for your lengths.

Spirit of Hemp CBD Treatment

Harnessing the powers of pure, raw CBD + CBDA, Hari’s introduce a transforming treatment for mind, body, hair and scalp. The exclusive, all natural, non-toxic Spirit of Hemp CBD Life Force remedy, breathes life and soul into lacklustre hair, thanks to its powerful hand-harvested, 100% organic ingredients. Expect to leave feeling naturally balanced with beautifully revived hair.